We are

inhabited by the certainty that mercy is changing the world! By making ours the two apostolic priorities of the Church that are the service to the poor and the proclamation of the Gospel, we want to be a generous and audacious response to Pope Francis’ exhortations to set in motion a real revolution: that of tenderness!

was born

from the singular experience of Romain and Rena de Chateauvieux. In 2007, they decide to live for 2 years in a mobile home in the heart of a ghetto of illegal immigrants in the US with the mission to be the presence of the Church among the most vulnerable.

As a result of this experience, Romain and Rena cross the American-American continent in an American schoolbus refitted as a house. Sent by the Church, they carry out for three years a series of social and pastoral mission in the poorest places of the continent.

In 2013, they settled in a poor and emblematic neighborhood of Santiago de Chile and founded Misericordia.

We do

the simplest thing with a huge Love. Our action is a long term plan, and aims to enable every single person to build a fairer and warmer world. Around the world, in the outskirts of big cities, our commitment goes through very concrete actions: today, Misericordia develops social and pastoral projects related to education and health.


Where Misericordia has a presence, we offer our neighbors a peaceful place to meet : the Misericordia Center.

This place is home to all the projects we put in place, and is a response to a deeper mission: to be the heart of Christ which beats night and day for the poorest.

The projects we are developing are the result of a (smart) social innovation at the service of the most neglected. Through each of our actions, we seek to reveal the beauty, to invite to high standards and to reflect the audacity which lies within us.

« Mercy changes the
world, it makes it more
fair and less cold »
Pope Francis,
Rome, March 2013

Coming from a wide variety of cultures and backgrounds, Misericordia volunteers are young people, couples or families who want to commit to serve the poorest and to testify of their faith.

This volunteer experience can be done over long periods or in specific periods during the year.


Misericordia has a presence since 2017 in the borough of La Rana.

Buenos Aires

Misericordia has a presence since 2021 in the Bronx.

New York

Misericordia has a presence since 2018 in Aubervilliers.


Misericordia has been committed since 2013 in the neighbourhood of Pincoya.

Support us

is an easy and concrete way to change the world today!


We want to enable the poorest to have a dignified access to basic health care.
Access to the programs set up for the people we support represents an average monthly cost of 20 euros per person.

First necessities

Through daily home visits, and the monitoring of people in situations of social vulnerability, we develop a punctual help of first necessity. Meals are distributed weekly. The average cost of a meal is 1.40 euros.


We want to put in the hands of the next generation the tools necessary to accomplish their fullfilment so that they become the actors of change in their neighbourhood and the world.
This social, human and spiritual accompaniment costs 35 euros per month and per child.


We have significant investment needs to finance the construction and opening of new Misericordia Centers, as well as housing for our volunteers locally.
Misericordia is in a phase of strong growth, and the investment costs for construction amounted to 150,000 euros in 2019.


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